If you are accused of driving under the influence, getting the right representation is essential in ensuring you are well-defended against the serious consequences of a DUI charge. Although common, DUI charges in Washington state could lead to severe consequences such as license suspension, hefty fines, and even imprisonment. Driving while drunk could lead to personal injury and is considered a criminal offense. It doesn’t matter if it was only one drink; once charged with a DUI, you must find a good drunk driving attorney in Spokane to help you navigate the legal system for the best possible outcome. 

 Why Do You Need a DUI Attorney? 

DUI attorneys are specialized in this area of the law and are familiar with the intricacies of DUI cases. You need their legal expertise to successfully steer through the maze of legal procedures and potential consequences. Washington DUI laws impose harsh consequences for driving while drunk, especially if you are a repeat offender. Under the state’s law, you can be charged with a DUI offense if: 

  • Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08 or higher. 
  • You have a BAC of .02 or higher and are under 21 under the zero-tolerance laws. 
  • You are driving under the influence of any combination of alcohol or drugs that impairs your driving abilities. 

If found guilty, the conviction could result in fines, jail time, license suspension, a criminal record, mandatory alcohol education or treatment program attendance, and costly installation and monthly payments for an ignition interlock device (IID).  

The responsibility of a DUI lawyer is to help you avoid these consequences or work to minimize the potential penalties you face. An accountable DUI lawyer will work with you to: 

  • Seek out diversion programs to keep your record clean 
  • Fight against charges leading to conviction 
  • Obstruct the use of any evidence that was obtained in violation of your rights 
  • Negotiate for a suspended or reduced sentence 
  • Maximize plea negotiations 
  • Establish expert evidence or witnesses to undermine the case against you. 

Drunk driving lawyers are well-equipped to develop effective defense strategies unique to the needs of your case and help you reach a fair resolution. The law can be very confusing, especially if it’s your first DUI offense and the courtroom is also a very unforgiving environment. So, rather than jeopardizing your future and liberty by trying to handle DUI charges alone, get professional assistance from a lawyer specializing in Spokane DUI cases. 

How to Choose the Best DUI Lawyer 

Now that you understand the importance of a DUI lawyer, you need to know the considerations for choosing the right one for your case. When hiring a drunk driving attorney in Spokane, look out for the following: 

Experience and Specialization 

The right attorney needs to have courtroom experience defending DUI cases. You can establish this by interviewing potential attorneys and asking about the cases they have successfully litigated. Further, establish what percentage of their practice is dedicated to DUI cases to determine if this is their primary focus. A specialized DUI attorney will be updated on the latest DUI laws, legal precedents, and defense strategies, giving you an advantage. 

An experienced and specialized drunk driving lawyer guarantees the best defense possible since they are conversant with the ins and outs of the legal system. They can easily anticipate outcomes and quickly adjust strategies to protect your best interests. 

Communication and Negotiation Skills 

You want to find a lawyer who can effectively communicate with you, the judge, the jury, and other legal professionals. Your DUI lawyer is responsible for helping you understand the legal issues affecting your case, including the objectives, limitations, and strategy you will pursue. In addition, they must also persuade others to their point of view and negotiate for favorable outcomes on your behalf. This can only be achieved if they have good communication skills.  

In addition to having effective communication and negotiation skills, you should also consider how quickly they respond and how often they engage with their clients. 

Reputation and Reviews 

Before hiring a drunk driving lawyer, find out what others say about them. Research their reputation by looking at online reviews, testimonials, and referrals from trusted sources. This will provide valuable insight into the lawyer’s competence and client satisfaction rate. You will also be able to establish how the attorney relates with clients. While getting good and bad reviews is common, the key here is to look for patterns that can highlight potential issues with the attorney, such as poor communication. 

Local Knowledge 

DUI laws differ from state to state. You want to ensure that you hire a lawyer with extensive knowledge and experience with state laws and local courts. For drunk driving offenses in Spokane, you will want an attorney with a thorough understanding of the DUI laws in Washington. They should also be up to date on the latest changes and be able to use their knowledge to put up a solid defense for you. 

Success and Ethical Record 

Even though past results do not guarantee future outcomes, knowing about an attorney’s success rate in DUI cases can influence your decision to hire them. Some positive indicators include a history of favorable verdicts and reduced or dropped charges. It would help if you also ensured that the hired attorney has a clean ethical record with no disciplinary action. 

Consultation and Legal Fees 

Finally, you want to choose a DUI attorney you can afford. While you don’t want to sacrifice quality for the price, you also want to ensure you will not milk your accounts dry to hire a lawyer. Schedule an appointment with prospective lawyers to assess their skills and learn about their fee structure in detail. This is to ensure you understand what is covered in the fee, if there are any additional costs, and if you can work out a suitable payment plan.  

Hire The Best Spokane DUI Lawyer Today! 

I’ve you’ve been pulled over for driving drunk, choosing the right DUI attorney is a critical decision to help avoid the severe consequences of a DUI conviction. The tips and considerations above should help you find a great defense attorney for drunk driving. For any questions surrounding DUI charges in Spokane, WA, contact Bugbee Law Office for a free consultation. We are available round the clock to provide expert legal guidance on DUI cases.