What a DUI Lawyer Cannot Do for You

Few Limitations Surrounding Legal Representation

A DUI lawyer can often provide many important legal services to defendant clients who are facing serious DUI charges. However, there are several things that a DUI lawyer cannot do for you.

It is important that you understand the limitations surrounding legal representation. Here are a few things you should know about what a DUI lawyer cannot do for you.

A DUI Lawyer Cannot Guarantee a Positive Outcome

No DUI lawyer can guarantee a favorable outcome in a criminal case. Even if a lawyer has experience pleading down DUI offenses to lesser charges, he or she cannot guarantee at the outset of your case that the same result may apply to your case.

A prosecuting attorney and judge must be willing to accept the terms of a plea agreement. Different prosecutors or judges may be assigned to your case, or they may not be willing to accept a similar arrangement based on the particular circumstances of your case.

Likewise, even if a lawyer has had a case based on similar circumstances that resulted in an acquittal for a defendant, he or she cannot guarantee that you will be acquitted.

There are many variables in every criminal law case, including the selection of the judge and jury, the current law, the strength of the evidence against you, your prior criminal history, the circumstance surrounding your arrest, and others – all of which can have a significant impact on the ability for you to get your charges dismissed or for you to be found not guilty.

A DUI lawyer can discuss his or her track record of success in handling DUI charges but cannot guarantee a specific outcome in your case.

A DUI Lawyer Cannot Make Miracles Happen

A DUI lawyer can only work with the case that he or she is given. It is important to have realistic expectations to avoid disappointment and to be able to make informed decisions about your case.

For example, if you drove drunk and caused a fatal accident, you should expect some punishment. The more serious the offense, the less likely it will be to escape a jail sentence. Likewise, if you are being charged for a second DUI, you should expect the potential penalties you face to be much stricter.

A DUI lawyer may be able to get you a more favorable outcome such as a plea bargain that results in less time or a reduced charge even if they cannot get the charges dismissed, but this depends on the specifics of your case.

A DUI Lawyer Cannot Erase Past Convictions

In Washington, there is a seven-year “lookback” period in which previous convictions can be considered when being sentenced for the latest offense. If you had convictions during this period, your DUI lawyer will not be able to get around this fact. If you have a repeat pattern of driving under the influence, your DUI lawyer will aggressively pursue your defense based on statutes and court precedents.

A DUI Lawyer Cannot Guarantee Low Costs

When you meet with a DUI lawyer and consider hiring him or her, you should ask about the attorney fee structure.

A DUI lawyer can explain how he or she charges, such as by charging an hourly rate or a flat fee based on specific services. He or she may be able to give you an estimate of the potential costs you are looking at.

However, he or she may not be able to guarantee low costs if there are additional expenses based on complicated arguments, the need to hire expert witnesses or other expenses that are necessary to provide you with the best defense.

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