If convicted of a DUI, one requirement to reinstate your driver’s license is the ignition interlock device or IID.

The IID is a device that requires you to breathe into it before the ignition will start. The device measures your blood alcohol content via breath, and it will not engage the ignition unless your BAC reading is under 0.25 per the Washington State Department of Licensing.

Will My Spokane DUI Require an IID?

Even a first-time DUI offender will have an IID for at least one year if they wish to reinstate their driver’s license. The requirements for the IID fall under Washington State RCWs Title 46, Chapter 46.20 Section 720. These durations are mandatory and heavily enforced.

Regardless if your BAC was under or over the 0.15 cut off, you are likely to have an IID for one year. If you are a second-time DUI offender, you will have an IID for up to five years, and a third or subsequent Spokane DUI will result in up to 10 years of an IID.

An IID May be Required for Additional Offenses Too

There are instances without a DUI that will also require an IID. If you are convicted of reckless or negligent driving, you may be required to have an IID installed for up to six months after your conviction.

The Costs Associated with an IID

IIDs are more than just a hassle; they cost defendants hundreds of dollars throughout the year. Just some costs that you must maintain to remain in compliance include:

  • Installation fees;
  • Maintenance costs;
  • Monitoring costs;
  • Repair costs;
  • IID reset costs (when the IID locks due to too many failed BAC tests).

Changes in Washington IID Laws You Should Know

The latest changes to IID laws are both favorable and unfavorable for DUI defendants. First, you are still required to have one installed on all personal vehicles you drive.

If you must operate an employer-owned vehicle, however, you can claim an exemption to the IID so that your employer is not legally obligated to install an IID on their company-owned vehicles. The form must be submitted before you drive your company’s car.

Another change in the IID law that was created a few years ago includes the removal requirements. You can have your IID removed after you pass the minimum IID sentence, and if you have not had a failure or positive test in the last four months.

Speak with a Spokane DUI Attorney about Your IID Requirements

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI, it is imperative that you contact an experienced DUI attorney immediately. An attorney can assist you with your DUI defense, but also ensure you remain in compliance if you have an IID and represent you in the event your IID failures are an issue of probation violation.

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